Why heather grey tees?

Here is a super important question:

Why are all your tees heather grey?

Great question! My original plan for this brand was entirely white tees. Since I was printing them myself I figured a blank white tee would get me the best results. I tested every colour ink I have - black, white, red, blue, yellow and glow in the dark - on black, white and heather grey tees. I initially did it to see how each colour came out on each shade of tee so I could print accordingly, however this turned out to be a huge discovery and turning point that caused me to flip what I was doing completely.

I wasn't very happy with the print I was getting off the white tee, even with just black ink. I tried a few variants - 2 and 3 colour prints on top of each other to add depth and contrast. It still didn't give me what I wanted. Plus printing more than one colour meant trying to line up the block for each colour which is a thing unto itself.

Since the initial plan was to mostly do white tees and sprinkle in some heather greys as an option I decided to do a full test run to see what the deal was. I printed versions of the designs on both the white and heather grey tees. Again, I was super disappointed and discouraged at how the white tees and black ink were coming out. Then I pulled off a few heather grey with black ink prints... and I was super happy with the results. So much so in fact, I axed the white tee altogether and decided to go with the heather grey all in.

Now, when you think about it, how many clean white shirts does your kid have now anyways? I can tell you mine has zero. There's always leftover pasta sauce, blueberries, pizza stains, paint, etc. after the first or second use. At the end of the day I'd rather buy an off white tee to at least hide some of the mess my tiny disaster that is my child creates on a daily basis.

So that's two reasons the tees are all grey. The third one being that they are heather grey so they have a bit of polyester in them which makes them a bit more soft and comfortable - wearable in my book.

I guess I could have just made this short and gone with the fact that it hides those magical stains a bit better but now you know the truth - the actual tee looks better.

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