About Us

My name is Cory and I am the founder and creator of Notorious Creatures.

Initially, I created this brand when we had our son. Something awoke in me. I wanted to create clothing that was unique, creative, and fun. Mostly so he'd always have something to wear but also something that looked different and original than what we were seeing on the playgrounds. I loved the idea of seeing him wear something I designed and built myself.

At this same time, my wife was suffering from severe post partum and was struggling every single day. It was my first real experience with all of this - the joy of having this amazing child but her not being very present to enjoy it all with me. It took it's toll as I didn't understand it. As the years pass now, the struggle still survives from time to time but our way of handling it has grown.

I wanted to add a section to this chapter. To include it under the Notorious Creatures banner. After all, what I have seen her go through makes her nothing short of Notorious. This is for her and the creature she brought into this world.

In a culture of mass production, speed, and low quality, I wanted to offer the opposite. Hand-printed, hand-dyed tees with original, thought-out designs, printed on super soft, comfortable tees for your little ones and yourself. For MY little one... and myself.

I knew I wanted to do this right. I wanted to get dirty. I wanted to make a mess. I wanted to learn and grow and figure out the process - all that good stuff is ingrained into the product you get. I dye and print each tee. Each one comes off a tiny bit different, a tiny bit special, giving each one characteristics that make them truly their own. By doing each step myself I have complete control of the overall look I want to achieve.

The passion, work ethic, and pride that goes into this brand and each and every shirt is what sets us apart.

This has been such a personal experience, and I devote my time and effort to creating each individual piece. I take pride in all of our goods and so should you.

We thank you for your loyalty, support, and belief in Notorious Creatures. It's truly, truly appreciated.