Limited Editions and Kids

Two new sections are being added to the shop! 'Limited Editions' and 'Kids'.

I wanted to add a 'limited editions' section because I have a bunch of 'test' or 'one-off' prints that I like but for one reason or another I wouldn't be able to make work in full production.

This will mostly be experimental works and will be limited to literally that ONE tee. So once it's gone - it's gone! The shop will be updated with anything new as I go so keep an eye out. Check in. Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know and even get early access. If you are looking for that ultra rare tee for your special creature this is for you!

As well as adding some more baby sizes and onesies down the road I will be stocking a bit bigger sizes in the 'Kids' dept. I have had lots of requests for sizes over 4T.

Just a few bits of info for you! Thanks again for checking us out and stay tuned for some big stuff!

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