Notorious Reasons - A Little Background

I think I have been drawing since I could walk. I'm not saying I am a good artist but I enjoy doing it. Sometimes.

Over the past few years I have resharpened my creative edge. I have started and gotten bored of a few side projects when the passion fled.

Most of those side projects slid quickly when my son was born two years ago. I suddenly knew this was a completely different thing and aside from wanting to be better or make him proud as he grows older, I wanted to use it all to fuel my own creative juices.

I would do little drawings or show him a sketchbook of doodles. Some he laughed at and some he would just look at me and say 'nooo daddy.' I kept track of the ones he liked and what made him laugh. I realized I didn't have to detail every line or need every shape to make sense. I could just draw. I could just make it fun.

This whole project will grow and change as he does. It's also for me to learn and let go of the way I see my art. This is also why I decided to not just design and have them screen printed in large quantities. I wanted to design, carve and individually print each shirt by hand - on my own. This will force me to let go seeing that every print, even the same design, will come off a bit different - making each piece of clothing unique.

I am still nutty over details and will be making sure each piece holds up to my own standards because that's all I would expect from anyone else.

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