My Pre-Sale Experience & A Few Changes

First off, thank you so much to all of you who took advantage of the pre-sale. I truly appreciate it. And by 'took advantage' I mean - I will be changing some things based on what I have figured out in the past month so you will be the last to have those options available!

The pre-sale has taught me a whole lot, quickly, which is exactly what I wanted it to do. I had everything planned out, written down, thought about, accounted for... most of which went out the window. I changed the way I needed to do certain things, why I needed to do certain things and how to streamline certain things. Most of which I was expecting so it's nice to have this trial to nail down some of the issues I was on the fence about. Those got cleared up real quick!

So this is (some of) what I have learned and what I will be changing moving forward.

I just can't do the FREE shipping. I will be offering a flat rate $8 shipping fee though - it's not free but it's pretty cheap and it doesn't actually cover the cost of shipping so it's still a good thing to pass on to you. It will be FREE on orders of $65 and over though. I really, really wanted to do free shipping because I always hate going to pay and then you get hit with all the extra stuff - fees, taxes, shipping. I wanted to make it so you pick something and that's what you pay. I will bring it back as soon as I can! More volume! Tell a friend!

I created waaaay too many variants for each design. Too many combos, colors, tee colors, designs. My current 4 designs each have 4 variants - 2 ink color combos and 2 tee color combos. Also, the logo tag on the lower back right of each shirt is different depending on the ink color of the front design. Which doesn't sound like a lot but I am also printing them myself so it stacks up pretty quick. Mainly though, I realized I really like the white tees because the design comes off exactly how I wanted. It's the same reason I went with the heather grey initially as I was block printing. I will be moving forward with mostly white tees - with a few surprises mixed in coming soon - and will keep the heather greys as limited stock.

As I went through this process I discovered how fun it is to just create on the fly. These were never meant to be perfect and each one is hand printed which leaves room for errors and differences from the piece before it. I really like that though. I am going to take it a step further and throw in some dye! This is exactly what I was looking for! I love the designs on tees alone but with the tye dye it kicks it up a notch and way more into the kids clothing realm I feel.

Going forward you will see lots and lots of color going on! Right now, each shirt will be posted as a 1/1. Since each one will be completely unique and impossible to recreate over and over it makes them as rare and special as the person you are buying it for.

I am suuuuper excited about this path I am on and I know you will all love the new looks! Stay tuned and thanks for the love and support! Stay safe!

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