The story so far...

329 years ago...

A child was born into a family of middle means. Only a few years into his young life he came upon a shell at the oceans edge near his home. This shell granted him the ability to see all the magical creatures of this world the rest of us could not. His mom, not knowing it's power, tied it to some yarn and fashioned a bracelet out of it so the boy could carry it with him where ever he went.

He soon discovered these creatures came in all shapes and sizes, all ages and every temperament from dark and evil to good and kind.

He soon spent all of his time creature hunting and trying to find as many of them as he could. Some were harder than others to find. Some stayed with him for periods of time and others were gone in a flash. He even befriended a few.

Around the age of 8 the boy had learned of and kept track of as many creatures as he could. As he only came across them on occasion he cherished each encounter and made sure to remember every detail he could about it.

One day he came across a sneaky looking, sure footed creature he had never seen before. This one was small, about the size of a small dog, but seemed very powerful as it leaped around and zapped in and out of our realm in the blink of an eye. Leaving only a trail of magical dust and a few strands of quick, short lightning behind as he jumped. The boy could tell it was mischievous and liked to cause trouble. Unlike the friendly, nice ones who were a bit shy but warmed up to him eventually, or the darker, evil ones who were harder to spot and hid away quickly as to avoid any more contact - these creatures seemed to seek out attention.

He was drawn to this and he created a new group of creatures to put them under - The Notorious.

After this new discovery he almost only ever chased The Notorious Creatures. They were harder to find but so much fun to watch and play with when he did. They liked him as well. As if they were drawn to him somehow - more than any of the others.

As this boy grew up his friends joined him on his adventures. Over time this group grew and grew and they needed a way to signal to others in the hunt what they were after.

After many decades, kids all but stopped chasing the creatures - almost to be fully forgotten if not for the legends being passed down from generation to generation. The notorious ones knew how to have fun and that's what every child wanted and craved. They got along great and went together like peanut butter and jelly. For the children who still believe in the creatures - they became even more notorious as they continued the chase.

To this day you can go outside on almost any street and see children chasing these creatures. So much so in fact, it's hard to distinguish the creature from the child if you are lucky enough to see both.

Some of them wear clothing that gives them away and tells them apart. Set up as a kind of secret uniform so the kids know they are chasing the creatures themselves. A secret society of sorts - for kids.

This clothing is made in only one place. Designs are hand designed, printed and inspected to ensure peak magical performance.

This place was founded by an artist who recently had a son who is quickly following in his dads footsteps. He strives to capture the fantastical imagination of his own childhood so his son can roam free and unleash his own daydreams upon the world.

This place?

Notorious Creatures | Clothing for Children.

Here you can find clothing for your very own Notorious Creature roaming the world in search of mischief and play. These designs are not only created to inspire and excite young magical thinking minds, but to let those minds know just how pure and amazing they truly are. Allowing an imagination to soar is the only way to let them roam.

Let them be - Notorious.