The Re-Launch Pre-Sale is coming!

Hey all!

Soo waaaaay back in January I decided I was going to leap into an entirely different process of making these tees. Originally, I was block printing them. This involved drawing on a block, carving the block then I would ink and print each shirt by pressing the block into the shirt. There were a few issues I had with this once I got into it. I was not an expect carver - by any means - being it was my first time doing it all and I was toning down my overall designs and how I wanted the tee to look in the end based off what I could do. I wasn't a fan of that but it did help me keep the designs simple and 'kid friendly'. Another problem was you can really only stamp ONCE. There is no way to 'register' the block and throw another layer of ink on the tee. I felt the heather grey tees held up best with that one press print with the black ink but any lighter colored tees or ink really didn't hold up well - even for a 'vintage' look. Even though my initial plan was to keep all tees the heather grey with black ink - as part of the vibe and overall look - I did want to expand but was unable to. All that being said, I learned a ton about just printing tees in general and the process of just getting it done and cleaning up.

I have always wanted to do some screen printing. It's very complicated and messy and there are so many things that need to align to nail down one screen. In theory, once you get all the parameters and timings close to what you will be using it can go a lot smoother. Plus it requires lots and lots of equipment - that I have no room for so I had to think about and design a set up that was super space friendly.

If you have been following me you know that I built everything. I dove in. Deep. I built and stretched a bunch of screens and designed a print station that could store them, dry them, is also an exposure unit to burn them, and on top - print them. All this in as small a footprint as I could make because I don't have a workshop to take over.

This process has gone a lot slower than I had hoped but only because of personal time constraints. The equipment and print tests I have been doing have been turning out really good. Surprisingly good considering I have literally never done this before. Just revamping the website and getting products loaded, built and ready for launch has taken hours and hours and late nights. I have been doing all of this properly and not cutting corners just to get something out or running around all crazy like on the fly. I wanted to produce the best product I can before I even list it on the site. It's time to launch and I feel very comfortable releasing these to the world now.

Anyways, to the PRE-SALE!

I did want to do a pre-sale this time around mostly to offer a package of goodies at a lower price point to kick things off. Most brands do a pre-sale to MAKE money (from you) and THEN buy product. I am NOT doing this. I have product and I am printing product - hopefully I need to buy MORE product but we'll see how the launch goes! Either way, you can be sure you'll be getting what you want when the pre-sale closes!

The pre-sale package will include your tee, a sweet brand new bookmark for your little one to put in their favorite book, an awesome creature door hanger, plus the usual stickers.

This would normally cost you over $30 but the pre-sale will be listed at $21! Crazy, I know.

We will run the pre-sale from JUNE 18th - JULY 16th, 2021 - with everything being shipped on or before JULY 20th, 2021. Depending on the response I will ship out packages as they are ready and anything ordered in the last few days will be shipped on JULY 20th.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and even more so if you plan to get in on this offer! It means the world to me! This project has consumed a very, very large amount of time but once it's kicked off I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have putting it all together.

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