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Notorious Creatures | Clothing for Children

"INK BUTT" - Blue | White Cotton | Toddler Tee

"INK BUTT" - Blue | White Cotton | Toddler Tee

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Printed on a super soft, comfortable unisex white cotton tee.

Witness the wit and wisdom of the super-smart octopus, a master of cunning and quick thinking. Just like this marvelous creature of the deep, our little characters possess an arsenal of unconventional tactics. When faced with formidable foes or sticky situations, they unleash their unexpected powers. Behold, the ink cloud emerges from the depths of nowhere, a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves all in awe.

To ensure the perfect fit, each tee undergoes pre-washing and pre-shrinking during its creation. We recommend embracing the adventure and selecting a size up, allowing your child to grow into their tees while reveling in unparalleled comfort. Unleash your child's inner explorer, knowing that each tee holds a touch of enchantment and a promise of unforgettable experiences.

Hand printed in-house, in our own boutique print studio in North Vancouver, BC. CANADA #NotoriousCreatures

About our tees: 
These tees are a playground dream come true. Picture your little explorer running freely, clad in the perfect combo of durability and comfort, ready to conquer every imaginative quest! Hand-printed and/or dyed with a touch of whimsy. Every creation emerges with its unique charm, ensuring that no two tees are ever identical. It's a celebration of individuality, because let's face it, some kids are destined to leave their mark and embrace their notorious nature!
Care: Wash cold. For a touch of magic, hang them to dry, allowing the gentle breeze to caress their vibrant threads. If time is of the essence, a low-tumble dance in the dryer works wonders too, preserving the essence of their uniqueness.
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