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Notorious Creatures | Clothing for Children

"YOU CRAZY MONSTER" - Blue | White Cotton | Toddler Tee

"YOU CRAZY MONSTER" - Blue | White Cotton | Toddler Tee

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Printed on a super soft, comfortable unisex white cotton tee.

In a world of epic pillow fort battles, where daring pirates and feisty llamas clash over precious treasures, there exists a moment that defines the indomitable spirit of adventure. Picture yourself, just like me, desperately shouting, "That's my treasure!" as your little one escapes your meticulously crafted fortress, clutching the hard-won prize. That precious giggle echoes through the air, a triumphant melody that both delights and exasperates. We have sculpted the wildest of monsters, and in this glorious chaos, I wouldn't change a single thing.

To ensure the perfect fit, each tee undergoes pre-washing and pre-shrinking during its creation. We recommend embracing the adventure and selecting a size up, allowing your child to grow into their tees while reveling in unparalleled comfort. Unleash your child's inner explorer, knowing that each tee holds a touch of enchantment and a promise of unforgettable experiences.

Hand printed in-house, in our own boutique custom screen print studio in North Vancouver, BC. CANADA #NotoriousCreatures

About our tees: 
These tees are a playground dream come true. Picture your little explorer running freely, clad in the perfect combo of durability and comfort, ready to conquer every imaginative quest! Hand-printed and/or dyed with a touch of whimsy. Every creation emerges with its unique charm, ensuring that no two tees are ever identical. It's a celebration of individuality, because let's face it, some kids are destined to leave their mark and embrace their notorious nature!
Care: Wash cold. For a touch of magic, hang them to dry, allowing the gentle breeze to caress their vibrant threads. If time is of the essence, a low-tumble dance in the dryer works wonders too, preserving the essence of their uniqueness.
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